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If you are working a corporate job and are not:

Feeling Valued,

Being Offered Opportunities,

Exuding Confidence,

At the right tables, or

Leveraging your uniqueness

Then it is time to take control and be your own CEO! Level-Up your PURPOSE and PRESENCE to PROPEL the PROGRESSION of your career

Ready To Be The CEO Of Your Career?

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Ready To Be Vocal and Visible?

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Ready To Be Valued?

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Empowerment Program

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Val“U” in ‘22

Registration is open for you to create your customized WHY, WHAT, and HOW plan.

To level-up your purpose and presence to propel the progression of your career!

Your Elevation Will Include:

This program is perfect for you if…

Ready To Be The CEO Of Your Career?

Schedule a 15 minute interest call.

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Six Sessions Starting December 8, 2021

Sessions 1 & 2: Self-reflection of 2021

  • Identification of present
  • Alignment of life and work
  • Internal obstacles
  • Uncontrollable external factors

Session 3: Purpose- Clarity for 2022

  • Aspiration, Realism, Value goals

Sessions 4-6: Presence- Elevation areas

  • Visibility
  • Confidence
  • Uniqueness and adaptability

Throughout the program- Valuation

  • Create your own metrics and measures
  • Assess new opportunities

Program Offers: Elevate Your Val”U” in 2022!

Standard VOCAL Program

Current State Assessment

  • Determine whether you should “Stay In” or “Get Out” of your current situation​
  • DISC Mini Assessment (12-page report)

6-Session Accelerator Course

  • Held weekly on Wednesdays at 8pm EST starting Dec 1st
  • Pre-work, 1.5-hour live sessions, post-work
  • Templates and cheat sheets that can be reused with new situations
  • Session replays available for 6 months


  • Private FB Group
  • Books (Authored/Co-Authored by Elizabeth “Dr. E” Carter)
    • Gaining A.C.C.E.S.S. book sets
    • Good Days/Bad Days Reflection Journal
    • I am A Victor Book Anthology


Standard VOCAL Program Plus:

  • Upgrade to the DISC Self Assessment (36-page report)
  • 1 hour 1:1 discussion about your DISC results (during the month of November)
  • Post accelerator coaching- Quarterly 45-min check-in accountability sessions in 2022
  • Gift box with additional items
    • 2022 Monthly motivator calendar
    • You Are Enough Book Anthology

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