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Hi, I'm Elizabeth “Dr. E” Carter, and I am the Chief Executive Officer of this amazing consulting agency. AAPPEAL was founded on my four passions, Leadership, Engagement, Analytics, and Performance. I equip ambitious women of color with strategies to be visible, vocal, and valued so that they can elevate their opportunities in the workplace.

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Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter
Possibilities Unlimited book cover

Possibilities Unlimited

By Dr. Cheryl Wood, and Les Brown.
Feat. Elizabeth “Dr. E” Carter

Good Days And Bad Days book cover

Good Days and Bad Days

Elizabeth “Dr. E” Carter

A Black First 2 book cover

A Black First:
The Blackness Continues

Peter E. Carter

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Elizabeth “Dr. E” Carter speaking at John Hopkins University in January 2020 about her career journey

Elevate Your Value Summit

You can't affod to miss this virtual, 3 day summit!

Dates: Thursday, August 25th - Saturday, August 27th.

14 Activities book
14 Activities book

To LEAD Others

Being a leader is a scary thought. You are responsible for individuals who are not related to you and whom you cannot control 100%. ... Yet, somehow, you have to get them to follow you.

Elizabeth “Dr. E” Carter once again provides you access to information based on situations that have impacted her life.

Feature Story

Rising Stars: Meet Dr. Elizabeth Carter fetured in Voyage Baltimore.

Monday, March 21, 2022

 Dr. 'E'. feature story

Our Services

Close gaps in your individual performance.

Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter

Performance Improvement

Identifying deficiencies in your business model, and providing alternate solutions.

Coaching & Mentoring

Crafting a plan to allow you to close your performance gaps.

Facilitating & Training

Providing content to increase your leadership and business knowledge.

Keynote Presentation

Inspiring, educating, and entertaining audiences.


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